New location: IPHH in Hamburg

We are pleased to announce that Community-IX is now also available in the data center of IPHH in Hamburg! This was only possible due to the support of several sponsors.

IPHH sponsors the rack space and power for the Community-IX switch and our out-of-band infrastructure incl. an out-of-band management connection. They also provide cross connects to our peers.

LWLcom sponsors connectivity to Berlin and also an IP transit connection for the Communities that will be connected in Hamburg.

Many thanks to all sponsors involved!

Our current sponsors for this new location:

About IPHH: IPHH is an internet service provider for business customers. Since 1996 they are providing a wide range of services for managed hosting, site to site connections, server housing, consulting and colocation.

About LWLcom: As a local provider, LWLcom builds and operates its own fiber optic network with more than 500km of fibers in Bremen and the surrounding area. They are present in various data centers in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.