Updates to the connection between A36 und L105

There has been a change in the connection between the A36 PoP (Speedbone, Berlin) and L105 PoP (I/P/B/, Berlin).

Currently, there are two 10G connections between both sites. One 10G connection is still provided by SysEleven (thanks for the continued support!) and the other 10G connection has been provided by STRATO since the Community-IX L105 PoP was connected. Unfortunately, STRATO has left the A36 PoP and therefore can no longer provide a connection. Many thanks to STRATO for their support over the past years.

The replacement connection is provided by BCIX as a 10G wavelength. The in-house connections are sponsored in A36 by Speedbone and in L105 by I/P/B/. Thanks to all three organisations for making this possible, so we can once again have redundant connectivity between the two sites.